Funded Proposals

  1. O.G. Apul, J. Zhang "Nano-augmented microwave pretreatment of waste activated sludge prior to anaerobic digestion" Massachusetts Clean Energy Center Catalyst Energy Challenge (2018) - funded ($65,000).
  2. O.G. Apul "Safe drinking water - Community perceptions and needs for technology-based solutions" UMass Lowell Francis College of Engineering Community Engaged Scholars Program (2017) - funded ($1,500).
  3. O.G. Apul, P. Dahlen, P. Westerhoff “Additive augmented, ex-situ microwave treatment for remediation of soils containing heavy hydrocarbons” Industry sponsor (2017) - funded ($50,000).
  4. O.G. Apul, N. Fischer, P. Westerhoff (PI) "In situ remediation of spent granular activated carbon using ironoxide nanoparticles and hydrogen peroxide" Industry sponsor (2016) - funded ($10,000).
  5. O.G. Apul, S. Sinha, P. Westerhoff. "Removal of perfluorinated chemicals by filter media from groundwater" Industry sponsor (2016) - funded ($15,000)
  6. O.G. Apul, P. Westerhoff "Experimental investigation of geosmin removal by powdered activated carbon for Anderson Regional Joint Water System – Anderson, SC" Industry sponsor (2015) – funded ($22,000).
  7. P. Westerhoff, O.G. Apul "Evaluation of oxidant/surfactant/solvent cocktails for washing soils containing heavy hydrocarbons" Industry sponsor (2015) – funded ($70,000).