Work In Progress

Some of the articles listed are in preparation and they are not submitted yet. Authors and title bylines are subject to change.

  1. Hoogesterijn von Reitzenstein, N., Apul, O., Pruitt, E., Hristovski, K., Westerhoff, P. Morphology of Polymeric Electrospun Fibers Containing Multi-Dimensional
    Nanomaterials for Water Purification (submitted to Applied Polymer Science).
  2. Apul, O.G., Delgado, A., Arrowsmith, S., Alam, F., Hall, C., Mirada, E., Sra, K., Kamath, R., Dahlen, P., McMillen, S., Westerhoff, P., Krajmalnik-Brown, R. Biodegradation of petroleum hydrocarbons in crude oil-containing soils is inhibited by addition of peroxide oxidants (submitted to Journal of Hazardous Materials).
  3. Lu, D., Zhang, X., Liu, X., Zhang, L., Apul, O.G., Ryan, D. Evaluation of the effects of organic loading and co-substrate proportion on anaerobic codigestion of microalgae and septic tank sludge. (submitted to Applied Energy).
  4. Hall, C., Arrowsmith, S., Apul, O.G., Rittmann, B., Krajmalnik-Brown, R., Delgado, A, Chemical oxidation of crude oil in aqueous solutions (draft available).
  5. Apul, O.G., Ren, Y., Partlan, E., Ladner, D., Karanfil, T., Adsorption kinetics of synthetic organic contaminants on superfine powdered activated carbon (in preparation for Water Research).
  6. Ersan, G., Kaya, Y., Ersan, M., Apul, O.G., Karanfil, T. The adsorption and aggregation kinetics of three generations of carbonaceous adsorbents in the presence of natural organic matter (draft available for Water Research).