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Inadequate access to clean water is one of the most concerning global problems with an expected increase in severity in coming decades. Therefore, ingenious solutions that shift the paradigm of water treatment are needed to address the clean water scarcity that are insurmountable for traditional approaches. Initiating a paradigm shift in water treatment is not an easy task but it motivates our lab.

Nanomaterials have exceptional properties and they provide tremendous opportunities for water scientists and engineers. Considering the changing needs of society; our lab ambitiously focuses on technology development for physicochemical water treatment systems using nanotechnology.

News & Updates

An Overview of Modern-day Challenges and Technological Opportunities

Dr. Apul gave a talk at UMaine Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Distinguished Lecture Series on 4/2/2021. The seminar followed by faculty Zoom lunch was a great opportunity to get to know the CHB Engineering researchers. Thank you Dr. Caitlin Howell for the invitation.

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2021 Maine Sustainability and Water Conference.

Apul Group presented microplastics and PFAS projects during 2021 Maine Sustainability and Water Conference, which was held virtual this year. Congratulations to all presenters and thanks to all great collaborators!

1. Collins, A., Costigan, E., Bhagat, K., Oswald, J., Perreault, F. Apul, O.G. Adsorption of synthetic organic compounds by microplastics: A cacophonous literature. Maine Sustainability & Water Symposium (Virtual), March 2021 (Poster Presentation).

2. Kopec, D., Apul, O.G., Macrae, J., Noblet, C., Peckenham, J. PFAS? Yes, PFAS – A Serious Problem in Need of a Sustainable Solution. Maine Sustainability & Water Symposium (Virtual), March 2021 (Oral Presentation).

3. Apul, O.G., Sonmez, B.B., Zhang, Y., Reuther, J., Saleh, N. B., Venkatesan, A. Thermal Regeneration of Spent Granular Activated Carbon Presents an Opportunity to Break the Forever PFAS Cycle. Maine Sustainability & Water Symposium (Virtual), March 2021 (Oral Presentation).

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Thurgood Marshall Tuition Scholarship

Ashton Collins is awarded the prestigious Thurgood Marshall Scholarship to cover his tuition in 2021-2022. Within his first year of graduate studies, Ashton showed diligent efforts showing his devotion to academic growth. This is a well-deserved award. Congratulations Ashton!

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