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Drinking Water Treatment Innovations Lab

Inadequate access to clean water is one of the most concerning global problems with an expected increase in severity in coming decades. Therefore, ingenious solutions that shift the paradigm of water treatment are needed to address the clean water scarcity that are insurmountable for traditional approaches. Initiating a paradigm shift in water treatment is not an easy task but it motivates our lab.

Nanomaterials have exceptional properties and they provide tremendous opportunities for water scientists and engineers. Considering the changing needs of society; our lab ambitiously focuses on technology development for physicochemical water treatment systems using nanotechnology.

News & Updates

Summer visit to Yale

Dr. Apul completed his summer visit to Yale University with the help of Fortner Group hospitality. The teams have created a framework towards making SPIONs for water and wastewater treatment.

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New articles!

Our group published three articles with the leadership of Dilara (Environmental Science and Technology and Chemical Engineering and Science) and Sonia (Biointerphases). The research products were a result of collaborations between Yale, Middle East Technical University, Arizona State University and UMaine researchers. Congratulations to all.

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