2018 Future Engineers for Sustainability Summer Camp

Jul 21, 2018

Apul Lab hosted four-talented high-school students participating the 2018 Future Engineers for Sustainability Summer Camp. The guest researchers successfully conducted experimental work on re-usable water filters and presented their findings at the end of the camp. This event was organized by UML Francis College of Engineering.

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Welcome New Members!

Jul 11, 2018

Apul group welcomes three new undergraduate researchers (Mr. Jana Latayan, Mr. Ritchie LaFaille, Mr. Joseph Egitto) and one graduate researcher (Mr. Yigit C. Bozkurt). Good luck and best wishes for all of them.

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Nationwide Public Opinion Poll

Jul 3, 2018

Drs. Apul and Kurup from Civil and Environmental Engineering and Dr. Toof from Center for Community Research & Engagement are selected to participate a nationwide drinking water quality awareness poll. This effort is coordinated by UML Center for Public Opinion. The water quality awareness survey is going to collect participants' opinions about possible occurrences of nanoparticles, illicit drugs and other pollutants in drinking water. The findings from this exciting civic engagement is going to be shared with public. 

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Bromide and Other Halide Ion Removal From Drinking Waters Using Silver‐Amended Coagulation

Jun 24, 2018

Our collaborative article exploring the selective removal of bromide from natural waters were published in Journal of American Water Works Association as the front cover article of the issue.

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Student Research Symposium

May 3, 2018

Civil and Environmental Engineering capstone students presented their work at the student research symposium (5/2/2018). Their work was designing a sustainable sanitation solution for a single housing unit of an orphanage in Las Cayes, Haiti under the supervision of Profs. Barrington, Giles and Apul. The project was also highlighted in the Francis College of Engineering Solutions Newsletter.

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